Skin Care - WHITENING RANGES-SPOTS CARE (13mlX2) - SC 031

Spots Care (26ml)

Reduce pigmentation
Improve skin discoloration

Main Function

Formulated with Mulberries Extract

which scientifically proven to whiten human skin.

It helps to reduce pigmentation and improve skin discoloration.

How to apply?
    Use after Brightening Toner.

        Pump appropriate amount and apply to the pigmentation spot and skin discoloration area.

        Use Care-Roll Roller for better effect and absorbency.

What to do next?
Follow with WHITENING MOISTURIZER to retain moisture and enhance the whitening result.


Herbal Complex

Sodium Hyaluronate

Lavandula Augustifolia Oil

  •        Paraben Free
  •        Alcohol Free       
  •          Natural Color      

Tips & Tricks

          - Consume more anti oxidant foods / fruits (such as berries and prunes) to prevent formation of melanin. Insufficient water consumption may lead to skin dullness.

         - Always keep track of your skin condition by using umeSkin Analyzer.

Main Ingredients:

Morus Alba Root Extract

•    Evidentially whitens human skin and inhibits the activation of tyrosinase
     (which causes skin pigmentation).

•    About 30 times more efficient than Ascorbic Acid, 10 times than Kojic Acid and
     3 times than Hydroquinone.



•    Stimulate new collagen synthesis.
•    Leads to reduction in human skin hyper pigmentation and facial spots formation.

salicylic acid

Salicylic Acid

•    Even out uneven skin and lighten pigments by removing dead skin cells
•    Allowing room for new cell growth

Before and After